Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arbor Day Activities for Kids

Arbor Day is Friday, April 25th, and there are many fun ways to get kids involved in this special day which celebrates the importance of trees:
  • Plant a tree with your family
  • Read a book about trees, and then try to identify the trees in your yard or neighborhood
  • Count the rings on a tree stump
  • Visit a local park or take a nature hike
  • Learn about the history of Arbor Day by going to your local library
  • Make leaf prints by collecting leaves and then painting them with tempera paint
  • Create a dish using spices and other foods that are produced by trees. For example, the spice nutmeg is derived from the nutmeg tree
  • Write a letter to community tree planters thanking them for their dedication and hard work
  • Incorporate Arbor Day into a physical activity. Try the Tree yoga posture.
Make a commitment to stewardship this Arbor Day, as you teach children how to respect and nurture the importance of trees in their lives.

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