Friday, December 5, 2014

5 tips for making yoga fun for kids

One of the more beneficial physical activities for kids is yoga. Since children are squirmy, energetic and playful, a variety of fun animal poses can intrigue them while enticing their imagination. 

 5 tips to make yoga fun for kids:

1.  Have children utter amusing noises and sounds related to the poses.  

For example, they can bark like dogs in the Dog posture or meow like cats in the Cat pose.
Illustrations by Kathleen Rietz

2.  Keep the exercises short and lively. 
 This helps kids sustain their energy and focus.

3. Children should be encouraged to express creativity and imagination while practicing yoga. 

For example, to enliven the Table pose, you can use plastic plates and food to 'set' each child's 'table'.
Illustration by Kathleen Rietz

4. Another way to capture the attention of kids while practicing yoga is to incorporate songs and music into the practice. 

For example, kids can sing "row, row, row your boat' while in the Boat pose.
Illustration by Kathleen Rietz

5. Lastly, remember that the goal is not doing the 'perfect pose', but rather for children to feel their own bodies in the postures.  

 This will help them to enjoy their yoga practice and instill healthy habits for life.

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