Friday, November 13, 2015

Frog Meditation for Kids

I recently came across "Sitting Still Like a Frog" meditation for kids in Eline Snel's book Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids.

The author talks about how the frog is capable of enormous leaps, but it can also sit very still.  Even though it is aware of everything that happens around it, the frog does not react right away.

Instead the frog sits still and breathes, preserving its energy rather than getting caught up with all the ideas popping into its head. In her book, Eline Snel encourages children to pay attention to their breath, and be still and quiet, just like the frog.

After taking a few moments to simply breathe and letting go of all the chatter going on in their minds, have kids jump up in the frog pose and say "R-r-r-r-i-b-i-t", taking a giant leap just like the frog!

This exercise can not only help kids with their concentration, but can also help them to be less impulsive by teaching them how to not immediately act on what they are thinking or feeling.  Instead they learn how to pause for a moment and just breathe.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Military Family Month

November is Military Family Month, which was established in 1996 by the Armed Services YMCA to demonstrate the nation's support and commitment to the families of military personnel.

The U.S. Government recognizes this occasion every year, and to show my support of our armed forces I am going to donate 10% of all ABCs of Yoga for Kids sales to the Armed Services YMCA during the month of November.

Yoga is a great activity for families of military personnel to do together. Parents can use The ABCs of Yoga for Kids to play charades with their child. In this game, each person takes turns doing a pose from the book while the others guess which one it is, based on that person's body positioning.

Another fun way for military families to practice yoga is with Brogamat's Yoga Joes, which are classic green and pink army figures doing yoga.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kids' Yoga Day

Kids' Yoga Day is April 8, 2016!

At 11:00 AM on that day, yoga teachers, schools, parents, and other organizations will take time to celebrate our youth and their physical/mental fitness by practicing 5 minutes of yoga with them.

Our mission is to inspire and empower children to live their fullest potential through the practice of yoga.

We already have participants from all across the nation as well as Canada and Europe, and are well on the way to our goal of spreading the message of children's health and fitness through yoga.

Yoga Studios, Yoga Teachers, School Teachers, School Administrators, Parents, and others are all encouraged to take part in this global event.

Please sign up to participate (it's free and easy) and let others know of this event as well.  Together we can achieve wonders for our youth and their physical and mental well being!

Once a month, we will do a drawing from the list of participants for an advance copy of my new book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.  This book will be released on Kids' Yoga Day.