Saturday, March 19, 2016

2 fun family activities to do over spring break

Spring break takes place in the weeks before and after Easter and Passover, and for little kids it can mean a disruption in the routines that they count on.

How can parents keep children busy during spring break, and bond with them at the same time? One way is to practice yoga with children.

Practicing just 5 minutes of yoga a day with your youngsters can go a long way to not only bond with them, but also to get physical activity at the same time.

Here is a 5 minute yoga routine, adapted from The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. It is also one of the suggested yoga routines for Kids' Yoga Day, and has 10 yoga poses that you and your family can practice together over spring break and beyond.

You can also have a family movie night to watch a film that ties in with Easter and Passover traditions.

For a Passover, you could watch Prince of Egypt with your children. This is a cartoon version of the story of Exodus.

For Easter, Harvey, starring Jimmy Stewart talking with an imaginary rabbit,  is a fun movie for all ages. With Easter bunnies in every store window, it is refreshing to go back to a less commercialized era.

Watching fun and educational movies as well as setting aside time to practice yoga poses together are some ways to keep young children busy over spring break.

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